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PADI Adventure Diver


Try out new things in diving with adventures dives on wrecks, at night or photography

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PADI Adventure Divers take their diving beyond the beginners level, by improving the skills and knowledge they learnt at Open Water level e.g. in buoyancy and navigation.

You choose different Adventure dives to learn new techniques such as underwater photography or drysuit diving or on different types of dives such as boat or wreck diving.  

PADI Adventure Diver Course FAQs

If you are already a certified diver, either with PADI or another organization, then you can become an Adventure Diver. This course does not take you beyond your current limit of 18m so it is suitable so you can do it directly after your Open Water Diver training but you’ll enjoy it more if you’ve done a few dives done.

If you are an experienced diver but without qualification, you can contact us directly as there are systems available to certify you without going through the traditional route.

You do 3 adventure dives, expanding your current dive skills and learning new ones. 2 of the adventure dives are usually Naviagtion, Peak Performance Buoyancy as these are the basis of a really good and safe diver.

You can then try out specialist adventure dives, such as Fish Identification, Search and Recovery or Photography. You won’t become an expert in these but it will give you a chance to try them out and see if you would like to take that interest further.

There is a short theory session based on your adventure dives followed by 3 dives, each one concentrating on a different adventure. You get an excellent book with information about all the adventure dives nit just the ones you are completing but you only need to read 3 chapters for the course. You’ll want to read the rest afterwards.

You will typically spend 1 evening or afternoon on a pool and theory session, followed by 3 dives, which can be done on 1 day or 2 depending on the site and the dives.

You have a very detailed book covering all the Adventure dives but you only need to read the chapters for your chosen dives now. You’ll use the same book if you decide to continue to Advanced Diver later-on.

The course fee is €300 and this covers all the tuition you need to learn the skills and knowledge at your own pace. It also includes your manual and certification with PADI.

We don’t charge extra for these essentials not do we charge for private classes.  You offer flexible training schedules on all our PADI courses.

We also include a pre-course skills refresher in the pool, which is ideal if you haven’t dived in a while.

You don’t need to buy any scuba diving equipment as use of all equipment is included in the Scuba Diver course. As well as the basic dive gear, we also provide the specialist equipment required for Adventure dives such as cameras, compasses and lift bags

>As an Adventure Diver, you will still be limited to a depth of 18 metres, like an Open Water Diver but you will deepen the dive skills you already have and develop new ones with specialist adventure dives.

If your goal is to dive deeper, you can either start directly on the PADI Advanced Diver course or use the Adventure Diver as a stepping stone as you will have completed 3 of the 5 required adventures dives for the higher qualification. You can decide at any time to continue your training and do 2 more training dives, which will include the Deep Adventure dive, which will then qualify you to dive to 30 m.

Become a better diver with Dive Inn Scuba on the PADI Adventure Diver course.

Contact us to discuss to organise a class schedule to suit you.  We can run courses mid-week days, evenings and weekends. We’ll explain the different choices you have for your Adventure dives and design a course to suit your schedule and interests.

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