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PADI Rescue Diver


This is is a seriously fun course but PADI Rescue Divers are also very highly regarded.

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PADI Rescue Diver is often described as the toughest but most enjoyable course that many scuba divers ever do.  At this level you learn to consider your own safety and that of other people.

The emphasis is on accident prevention but you will also learn the theory and skills to assist or manage a dive or other water related incidents.  As a Rescue diver, you will better able to help yourself and others in the water so your confidence as a diver will soar.

As well as being seriously good fun, holders of this qualification are highly regarded for their skills, knowledge and awareness, just the sort of dive buddies we all want

PADI Rescue Diver Course FAQs

Typically The Rescue Diver course is seen as the next step for an Advanced diver, but if you hold the PADI Adventure Diver rating and have completed the Navigation adventure dive, then you can start the PADI Rescue Course.

Divers with equivalent qualifications from other training agencies or CFT/CMAS are also welcome. The minimum age is 12 years.

Like most PADI scuba diving courses, the Rescue course consists of theory section, which can be completed on-line or traditional route, pool practice to develope the required skills and open water dives to put all the training into action.

Depending on how you schedule your course, you will learn the skills and theory of the Rescue diver course is 3-4 evenings or 1 full day.  This is followed by 1-2 days of open water dives.

If you don’t have current first aid & CPR training, you will need to do this first. We can organise this training for you with Emergency First Response with CPR, AED and Oxygen Administration, which takes 1 day or 2 evenings.

The course fee is €450 and this covers all the tuition you need to learn the skills and knowledge at your own pace.  It also includes your manuals and certification with PADI.  We don’t charge extra for these essentials nor do we charge for private classes.  You offer flexible training schedules on all our PADI courses.

If you don’t already have first aid training, we can organise an Emergency First Response course which covers first aid, CPR, AED and Oxygen administration. the EFR course is discounted to €100 for those on our PADI Rescue diver course.

You can enroll on any of our PADI dive courses with a small deposit and pay for the balance in installments during your training.

You don’t need to buy any scuba diving equipment as use of all equipment is included in the Rescue Diver course.

In addition to the basic scuba diving gear, you will use a pocket mask to deliver rescue breaths, oxygen administration kits, floats and other emergency kit. this is all provided for your use during the course.

The real questions should be – what sort of a scuba diver do I become after doing the Rescue diver course? A safer, more confident and more knowledgeable diver. The sort everyone wants as a dive buddy.

You will learn how to prevent accidents, to anticipate issues before they become critical, to recognise and minimise diver stress in yourself and others and if an incident does arise in the water, you will be better able to help yourself or others.

Not only do you want to do this course, you should want your dive buddies to do it too.

Contact us to organise a class schedule to suit you.  We can run courses mid-week days, evenings and weekends.  You decide how you want to do the course – learning online, on a tablet or ipad or a traditional book.


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