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PADI Bubble Maker


Bubblemaker is designed to give children as young as 8, a chance to try scuba diving in the pool.

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Bubblmaker is an experience designed to give children as young as 8, as opportunity to try scuba diving. Maybe they’ve seen divers on TV or perhaps there is already another diver in the family and they want to give it a go too. Who knows where this pool dive could lead to in the future for them – maybe a life-time hobby or new career. they could become PADI dive instructors, underwater film-makers or marine biologists. Whos knows?

Bubblamker can also be run alongside a PADI Discover Scuba, so the whole family or older siblings can try out scuba diving together. A fun and unique family activity. We can usually organise a photo of you all underwater to remember the experience.

PADI Bubblemaker FAQs

Yes, if you are reasonably fit and comfortable in the water and at least 8 years old. You must be able to swim, unaided by arm-bands or rings but you don’t have to be a champion swimmer.

We start with a briefing to explain to you and your parent/guardian how the equipment works, the safety aspects and how to breathe underwater. You’ll have plenty of time to ask any questions. We then head to the pool, where our dive team will have all your equipment ready for you. You start in the shallow end of the pool and put the equipment on in the pool so you don’t have to carry any heavy gear. Your instructor will show you how the equipment works and help you breather underwater for the first time. At your own speed and as you gain confidence, you will quickly be swimming around the pool underwater.

You will be with us for 2-2.5 hours, which includes the briefings and pool session.

The course fee is €50 which covers the pool fee and use of the equipment.

No, you don’t need to buy any scuba diving equipment as use of all equipment is included for the Bubblemaker. You just need to bring swim-suit and towel. You will need to tell us your size before-hand so we have the right sized equipment for you. You will use real scuba diving gear but ones that are sized for children.

The Bubblemaker program is designed to allow younger children to try scuba diving. When they are older, they may become qualifided scuba divers and dive in the sea. We recommend the Junior Scuba diver course for young people.

For children who are not yet ready to do a scuba diving course yet, they can join us for our monthly family pool session for snorkeling and diving fun.

Let Dive Inn Scuba introduce you to underwater world and all that it holds with the PADI Bubblemaker experience.

Contact us to discuss to organise a class schedule to suit you. We usually run Bubblemakers on a Saturday afternoon but we also have some sessions mid-week during school holidays.

We can also run Bubblemaker at the same time as Discover Scuba so the whole family or older siblings can all try diving for the first time together. It’s fin to meet each-other underwater.

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