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PADI Junior Scuba Diver


A scuba diving course for young people under 15

Young people can go diving too so a family can learn to dive together.  We also run specific courses during the summer to get teach them how to scuba dive.  It could be the start of a life-time hobby or even a future career

Scuba diving is great for young people.  For those who love water and swimming, it’s natural for them to be fascinated by scuba diving and now they can join in too and become PADI Junior Scuba Divers.

PADI Junior Scuba Diver is like a provisional license – you get to scuba dive but you are limited in depth and you must be accompanied by a PADI professional level diver.  With nearly 5000 PADI centres in over 175 countries, there’s no shortage of opportunities for young people to dive at home or abroad.

Young people might start diving as Junior Scuba Divers but this could be the first step to a life-long hobby or even a future career.  Who knows where this might lead them.

We comply with all Children First Legislation and one of our instructors is also a professional youth worker.

PADI Junior Scuba Diver Course FAQs

You can dive from a minimum age of 10 years but we recommend you should be at least 12 years old.  You need to be physically and mentally ready to go scuba diving.  You will also need permission from your parents/guardian before you enroll on a diving course.

If you are not ready to become a diver yet, maybe you’d like to try it out in the pool. Our PADI Discover Scuba is suitable for young people aged over 10 and Bubblemaker is for those aged 8 and over who want to go diving.

You will practice scuba diving skills in the comfort of our heated pool session and you’ll learn about the underwater world and it effects how we see, hear and feel differently than on land.  You’ll learn safe diving practices and how to “speak” to other divers underwater with PADI diver sign language.  And when you are comfortable in the knowledge and skills, you will go on 2 open water scuba dives with one of our experienced PADI instructors.

Depending on how you schedule your course, you can expect to have mastered the required skills and knowledge to become a PADI Scuba Diver in 3-4 evenings or 1 weekend. You will follow this with 1 day of diving where you will do 2 open water dives. This could be at a local site, on a day trip out of Dublin or on one of our weekends away.

Our Discover Scuba and Bubblemaker courses are pool sessions that take 1 afternoon or evening.

The course fee is €375 and this covers all the tuition you need to learn the skills and knowledge at your own pace.  It also includes your manuals and certification with PADI.  We don’t charge extra for these essentials nor do we charge extra for private classes.  We offer flexible training schedules on all our PADI courses.

You don’t need to buy any scuba diving equipment as use of all equipment is included in the Scuba Diver course.  We have equipment specially sized for young people to go diving.

As a Junior Scuba Diver, you can dive to a maximum depth of 12 m, whilst accompanied by a PADI Divemaster or Instructor. You can dive at home or abroad.  Shallow dives up to 12m offer great colour and light so are the best for photography and also for marine life.

You can dive practically anywhere in the world where you’ll find enough water – lakes, quarries and of course the sea. There’s so much to see and do underwater.

As a young person you start diving as a Junior Scuba Diver but you can continue your diver training and you can get to remove the “Junior” tag when you reach 16.


Let Dive Inn Scuba introduce you to underwater world and all that it holds with the PADI Scuba Diver course.

Contact us to discuss to organise a class schedule to suit you.  We can run courses mid-week days, evenings and weekends.  We also run specific diving courses for kids during the summer holidays.
If you’re unsure if diving is for you, why don’t you have a try first.  We offer PADI Discover Scuba sessions in the pool where you get to use the equipment, see what it’s like to breathe underwater and meet our dive team.  You only pay for the Discover Scuba but if you continue onto the course, we’ll deduct that off the course, so there’s no penalty in trying it out first.


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